Why Give to War Paints?

War Paints is devoted to empowering and encouraging veterans in their creative, entrepreneurial pursuits. Help us fuel our nation’s veterans and first responders with the ideas, skills, and motivation to succeed. We provide programs supporting creative disciplines and business practices to develop meaningful skills, inspire community, and provide career opportunities for veterans.

Your gift will fund veteran webstores that showcase their products and artwork free of cost, sponsor future workshops, and sustain a creative community for service members.

War Paints honors our Veterans by recognizing their strengths – not their scars. Your contribution will directly support the growth, independence, and endeavours of our growing community.


War Paints offers various classes in multiple creative disciplines. From welding to wood-working, painting to photography, to leather working and even fashion design. Our scope is as limitless as the talent of our members.

We actively seek professional artisans and mentors to conduct these classes and ensure the Veteran is receiving the best instruction possible.

Your donations directly fund these workshops so our Veterans can express their talents, re-acclimate on the homefront, and build the foundations of balance, confidence, community and growth in their transition between wartime and peacetime.

Donate Supplies

Supplies and equipment are readily received and put to use for both our Registered Vendors and prospective Veterans interested in creative skill-crafts.

Art Supplies

Canvas, paint brushes, easels, paint

Photography equipment

Tripods, used cameras, camera bags, SD cards


Woodworking tools, welding equipment, power tools, safety equipment

See Link for Tech For Troops Project a partner organization based in Richmond, Virginia.

Donate Your Time

After speaking with our team, we encourage volunteers to promote interest and seek Veterans
and First Responders that are interested in Creative avenues.

We will log your hours and recognize you as an honorary member of the War Paints Team.

We Thank You for taking interest in this unique and innovative organization. None of this is possible without
an active community of support and a dedication to come together as a Nation.