Bilbo Baggins is one of the most ubiquitous figures in literary history. His adventures have touched millions of lives and the written accounts of his travels are inspiring.

This original piece will delight fans of The Hobbit. This is a 3 dimensional paper sculpture, housed in a wooden box that can be set on a desktop, or hung on a wall. The piece is backlit by multi-color LED lights that can be controlled to change colors, flash, dim/brighten, fade in/out, or remain a single color. The light box has runes burned on the exterior of the box and a plexi glass panel protects the paper sculpture housed within. The LED lights are powered through a USB cable that can be powered by a computer, wall plug, or even a battery pack. These sculptures make fantastic night lights.

This beautiful piece is part of the Re-Literation Campaign and will ship with a complimentary copy of The Hobbit.

This sculpture can be personalized and shipped with elaborate gift notes.


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