This K9 collar is made from 550 paracord in white and hot pink color. I can make any color and any length as long as I have the color paracord you want. For best fit, measure your dog’s head at the largest part, usually under the jaw and over the ears.

Real 550 paracord is constructed with a sheath which surrounds seven individual strands. All the material is 100% nylon. The sheath alone can hold a 200 pound static load and each strand can hold 50 pounds each. Therefore, it is referred to as “550” as the static load capacity is 200 + 7×50 = 550 lbs.
The paracord we use is commercial Type III manufactured on the same equipment and by the same mills that currently produce cordage for the US military.
This collar cane be made to order with a verity of color. When ordering please choose ONLY TWO per item colors.