Dryad in a Brook. Original wire sculpture with rose gilded plaster accents, preserved foliage harvested from the Blue Ridge Mountains in the Fall of 2016, set in creek stones and resin, on a painted/sealed gesso board. Completed January 2017.

o 12″x16″
o 4″ deep
o weight 3.5lbs
o laminated wire hang and bump stops

I combine my love for hiking the outdoors with my limited artistic abilities to make abstract three dimensional sculptures. I am fascinated by Myth and have a series of Dryads I’ve completed and am working on. This is the first in that series I am offering on Etsy. Initially, I began this work as a form of therapy from a prolonged military career. It has turned into a passion and I receive an indescribable amount of satisfaction from it. If others enjoy it, and I can make a career out of it, I think I’d like to do it for the rest of my life. It’s just the plain and simple truth.


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