You are now a part of our exclusive Market Place that helps Veterans and First Responders showcase and sell their products and artwork.  You may have heard of ETSY or PINTEREST? War Paints is similar except we operate as a Non-Profit Organization.

Why is War Paints a non-profit?

As the Retail market erodes, E-commerce is rising rapidly.  War Paints is the first of its kind to showcase Veteran- made Products and Art Work without charging for services and returning full proceeds back to the Vendor. Why? Because we want you to be successful in all walks of life and we think you have unique products that Americans want.

How do we sustain ourselves?


All Customers have the option of donating to the organization once they purchase their product from you.  We will also coordinate Fundraisers and Events that help raise money to help you be successful and grow your commerce.

For example; Let’s say you are a former Marine that has taken up Photography as a hobby. In addition to your shop sales, we will host large-scale events that draw interest to your work and even offer biding to raise the value.

If you don’t want to be in the limelight you don’t have to be. You can use a Pseudo- Name/Pen Name for your work. War Paints will be retain and keep your personal information private.

How will we promote you?

With your permission, we will highlight you periodically as a featured Vendor to promote your sales on social media. We encourage you to create your own website and boost your own social media presence to draw Customer traffic.

How do I upload files?

Uploading files is pretty straight-forward on the website. Once your Register and Login, Use your Vendor Dashboard to create and navigate your Shop Page.  See FAQs for more.

How do I get paid?

In Your Vendor Dashboard, make sure that you “Connect with Stripe”. (An online payment processor similar to PAYPAL)  This account will house your financial information and payments will automatically enter your account.

Single Click Easy Shop

War Paints is an An online Marketplace in which veterans and first responders can showcase and sell their creative/hand-made products for 100% of the proceeds.

Active Support

War Paints is dedicated to helping you support a Veteran by finding and purchasing their products. We realize you may have questions about our organization and are committed to answering them for you.

Hight Quality Items

Everything sold on War Paints is authentic and veteran made. Support your local veteran community by shopping on our marketplace